A new map shows that you can’t maintain social distancing on many New York City sidewalks

Nearly everywhere in the city, the sidewalks aren’t wide enough to prevent the spread of COVID-19
By Bijan Stephen

Microsoft allowed to sell software to Huawei once again

By Tom Warren

Twitter now lets you enable 2FA without asking for yor phone number

By Jon Porter

AT&T’s 5G network launches next month with the $1300 Galaxy S10 Plus 5G

By Jacob Kastrenakes

Two days after launch, Google Stadia founders finally have their access codes

By Sean Hollister

Valve is bringing its Index VR headseat to more countries

By Sam Byford
Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch review: the obvious things
The best phone you can buy right now
Watch this supercut of Elon Musk unveiling the Tesla Cybertruck

Apple removes customer reviews from its online store

By Jay Peters

Verizon will preinstall Snapchat on some of its 5G phones

By Ashley Carman

YouTube is working to bring advertising to edgier content as demonetization woes grow

By Julia Alexander

Microsoft delays its new Surface Earbuds launch to spring 2020

By Tom Warren

Alphabet’s Loon balloons will provide internet to remote parts of the Amazon

By Jay Peters
Bigger screens, better cameras, and Motorola’s first stylus
It’s got 360 when you want it, 4k when you don’t
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